The next generation of gym management software.

Promoting healthier lives through technology solutions that enable fitness club owners and operators to put their members first.

The next generation of gym management software.

Promoting healthier lives through technology solutions that enable fitness club owners and operators to put their members first.

Moving the fitness industry forward.

At ABC Fitness, we know we’re the best possible growth partner for fitness businesses all around the world. And we know it’s our people that make us the best.

The fitness industry is evolving, and the work we do at ABC is helping shape its future. Member experiences have never been more connected, more integrated, more holistic, more important. Delivering continual advancements to fitness leaders as they help their members live their best lives is a big responsibility. One that needs people who are excited – and able – to contribute in meaningful ways.

This is where you come in!

Move the fitness industry – and your best life – forward.

Are you excited by the idea of developing gym software that’s helping evolve fitness before our very eyes? Maybe you’re a customer-focused person, obsessing over ways you can support and delight. Or an honest, empathetic sales professional with a hunger to deliver. Maybe you’re passionate about product strategy, financial analysis, telling engaging stories as a marketer, or improving the experience of people within an organization. And – most importantly – maybe you want to discover more about what your best life could look like, and how your career can truly help you live it.

If this speaks to you, take a look at our open opportunities.

Product & Technology

Our Product & Technology teams focus on our product strategy, roadmap, club management software development, innovation and automation. They build the solutions that help our customers turn their fitness visions into seamless reality.

Custumer success & Customer services

Our Customer Success & Service teams focus on delighting our customers every day by solving their problems and helping them grow.

Sales & Marketing

Our Sales & Marketing teams obsess over building and maintaining a brand image that reflects the world class set of products and services we offer, as well as building genuine human connection with this industry.

Corporate Functions

Our Corporate Functions team is the foundation upon which ABC runs. They not only support and focus on our people, but ensure that we stay on track with our commitments to clients, our financial objectives and our growth.


We are a global, diverse, remote-first company that truly cares for its people. s. This is not just lip service, but a tone that flows continually from our passionate, open, accessible group of leaders. We recognize that we are all individuals with our own personal hopes and dreams, and that when we come together on a shared mission we are greater than the sum of our parts. We believe – deeply – that everyone should have the opportunity to live their best life, and as an organization we take the responsibility of contributing to that goal seriously. We also believe that growth – both personal and as a business – comes from being curious. We embrace challenges as opportunities, and continually seek out ways to improve both ourselves and our work.

Our value

We seek to inspire and enable each of us to live our best life – no matter what that looks like.

By recognizing our interdependence, we come together as one cohesive team, collaborating with empathy to achieve great work.

We are curious. We see challenges as opportunities, which energizes us to persevere – confident that new paths will be revealed throughout the process.


Benefits: We understand the importance of physical, emotional and financial wellness. With that in mind, we have a carefully curated, personalized-by-country offering of healthcare coverage. This includes all traditional offerings like medical, dental & vision, as well as a broad range of other perks and benefits that speak to our Best Life value.

By the numbers

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Minorities in leadership

Inclusion & Diversity

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Belonging and Inclusion is amplified by our task forces in committed actions throughout the year, globally.

Who you are

A person who understands that growth – both personal, and professional – comes from being curious. From asking questions, seeking answers, and continually learning. You embrace challenges as opportunities, and continually seek out ways to improve both yourself and your work. You play well as part of a team, because you understand that together we can be greater than the sum of our parts.

Junior Backend Engineer

Data sheet

What we are looking for:

ABC Glofox is on a mission to revolutionize the fitness industry and we want your help. We are doubling in size every year, and along with our ever-growing client base that spans 30 distinct countries, our team is dedicated to taking group fitness to the next level.
We’re a hard-working, fun-loving, get-things-done type of team that is building a platform that saves time, increases retention and ultimately, helps studio and gym owners become more successful.
At ABC Glofox, we love entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs. We know how much grit it takes to start your own business and grow it into something that lasts. We roll our sleeves up, we act fast, and we learn together. We’re looking for people that will do the same

What you will be doing:

  • Work with an energized, fun, friendly and customer-focused cross-functional team
  • Collaborate with designers, developers, product managers, and testers to transform ideas into unique, human experiences for fitness entrepreneurs
  • Use cutting edge Agile & Lean ways of working underpinned by DevOps and CI/CD
  • Our current technical stack is underpinned by:
    MySQL and MongoDB


What Skills Do I need?

  • 1+ years of experience with a general-purpose programming language like Golang, or PHP
  • Solid understanding of the practical application of agile development methods in an Agile/Lean/Continuous Delivery environment
  • Knowledge of modern Quality and Testing principles
  • Comfortable learning new technologies and system

And we’d be super impressed if you have:

  • Experience contributing to the professional community as a speaker, author or online contributor
  • Community involvement with open source contributions

Apply now:

Junior Backend Engineer

Data Engineer



  • Under direction of the reporting manager aligns the ETL environments with operational and business needs and strategies
  • Data Assurance of the Model including, data quality, load metrics and ETL Rules
  • Gauges the effectiveness and efficiency of existing systems
  • Migrate user guide document to project/system wiki page (Confluence) and maintain content in accordance with functionality releases
  • Be responsible for the development and maintenance of the database infrastructure needed for successful analytic processing, providing data interfaces with external databases, and report production
  • Assess the business needs behind the requests for new programming functionality
  • Conduct technical analytic work
  • Design an architecture that supports reuse, improved performance, data governance/standards, and removes latency
  • Manage data integration, operations, and governance


  • SQL development skills and experience
  • Knowledge of performance tuning in SQL environment
  • Experience and knowledge in Kimbel Data warehousing concepts
  • Experience and knowledge of DataFactory, Azure Synapse Analytics, Stored Procedures, ETL and Loading large amounts of data
  • Proficiency in at least one non SQL-based programming language (C#, Java, Python, Javascript)
  • SAS and/or SQL skills required on Windows and/or Unix platform
  • Experience as Data warehouse developer or tester or as an ETL developer or tester (Must have)
  • Experience on QA test experience with DW/relational database including designing, creating and executing complex SQL queries
  • Experience with data integration using ETL tools such as SSIS, DataFactory, or other Microsoft related tools.
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Fluent English

What we offer:



Data Engineer

Analista de Cibersegurança

Ficha Técnica

Estamos em busca de um(a) Analista de Cibersegurança Sênior altamente qualificado(a) para integrar nossa equipe de segurança da informação. O profissional ideal terá experiência robusta em cibersegurança, com especialização em técnicas de invasão e familiaridade com as principais ferramentas de segurança do mercado. Sua função será proteger ativamente nossos sistemas contra ameaças, identificando e neutralizando possíveis vulnerabilidades.


  • Análise de Vulnerabilidades;
  • Realizar avaliações regulares de vulnerabilidades nos sistemas, aplicativos e infraestrutura;
  • Desenvolver e executar testes de penetração para identificar possíveis brechas de segurança;
  • Monitoramento de Segurança;
  • Implantar e gerenciar ferramentas de monitoramento de segurança para detectar atividades suspeitas;
  • Responder prontamente a alertas de segurança, investigando e mitigando ameaças;
  • Desenvolvimento Seguro:
    Colaborar com as equipes de desenvolvimento para promover práticas seguras em aplicações;
  • Realizar revisões de código para identificar possíveis vulnerabilidades desde a fase inicial do desenvolvimento;
  • Gerenciamento de Incidentes:
    Coordenar e liderar respostas a incidentes de segurança, garantindo uma abordagem eficaz e rápida;
  • Documentar e analisar incidentes para melhorar continuamente as defesas cibernéticas.
    Treinamento e Conscientização:
    Fornecer treinamento em segurança da informação para equipes internas, promovendo uma cultura de segurança;
  • Manter-se atualizado sobre as últimas ameaças e tendências em cibersegurança;
  • Integração de Ferramentas de Segurança:
    Avaliar, implementar e gerenciar ferramentas de segurança de última geração para fortalecer as defesas.


  • Experiência substancial em cibersegurança, com foco em técnicas de invasão;
  • Familiaridade com as principais ferramentas de segurança, como SIEM, IDS/IPS, antivírus, etc.
    Certificações relevantes em segurança (ex: CISSP, CEH) são altamente desejáveis;
  • Excelentes habilidades analíticas e de solução de problemas.


Analista de Cibersegurança

Analista de Infraestrutura

Ficha Técnica


  • Desenvolver e Implementar Soluções em Azure
  • Projetar, implementar e manter soluções de infraestrutura na plataforma Azure
  • Configurar e gerenciar máquinas virtuais, redes e serviços relacionados.
  • Gestão de Recursos na Nuvem:
  • Monitorar e otimizar o consumo de recursos na nuvem para garantir eficiência e controle de custos.
  • Realizar provisionamento e desaprovisionamento de recursos conforme demanda.
  • Implementar e manter práticas de segurança para garantir a integridade e confidencialidade dos dados.
  • Colaborar na implementação de políticas de conformidade e auditoria.
  • Desenvolver scripts e automações para simplificar tarefas operacionais e acelerar processos.
  • Buscar constantemente oportunidades para melhorar a eficiência operacional.
  • Colaborar com equipes de desenvolvimento e operações para garantir a integração eficaz de sistemas.
  • Oferecer suporte técnico a incidentes e problemas relacionados à infraestrutura.
  • Manter documentação atualizada sobre a arquitetura e configuração da infraestrutura.
  • Fornecer orientações e treinamento para outros membros da equipe.


  • Experiência comprovada na implementação e administração de soluções em Azure.
  • Conhecimento sólido em redes, segurança da informação e boas práticas de infraestrutura.
  • Habilidades em automação e scripting (PowerShell, Azure CLI).
  • Certificações relevantes em Azure são desejáveis.
  • Excelentes habilidades de comunicação e trabalho em equipe.


Analista de Infraestrutura

Não encontrou a vaga que deseja?

Veja mais vagas em sua área de preferência!

Na Intera, temos mais de 100 empresas com cerca de 150 oportunidades em andamento todos os dias. Descubra qual delas melhor se encaixa em seu momento de carreira.

Engenheiro de Software

Ficha Técnica

A MAPS empresa de desenvolvimento de softwares para o sistema financeiro bancário. Temos vagas para Engenheiros de Software para nossa principal ferramenta de desenvolvimento JAVA. .

Atividades principais:

  • Desenvolver e integrar do zero, sistemas web escaláveis e de alta disponibilidade;
  • Entender e evoluir soluções implementadas como provas de conceito para aplicações escaláveis e de alta performance.
  • Desenvolver garantindo a funcionalidade, manutenibilidade e velocidade, além de práticas de teste e qualidade;
  • Monitorar e analisar nossas aplicações para conseguir entender como melhorar a performance;
  • Ajudará o time no desenho de soluções com arquitetura evolutiva, além de investigar constantemente novas tecnologias e formas de trabalho.
  • Ser referência técnica do time, contribuindo com a evolução dos engenheiros

Para este desafio, é necessário:

  • Experiência no desenvolvimento de aplicações Web, utilizando tecnologias como Java, Maven , Spring Framework e JPA;
  • Sólidos conhecimentos em Orientação a Objetos, Design Patterns e boas práticas.
  • Sólidos conhecimentos em Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Spring Security
  • Sólidos conhecimentos em Bancos de Dados Relacionais.
  • Experiência na construção de API’s REST.
  • Experiência em arquitetura de microserviços e sistemas distribuídos
  • Experiência com uso de containers Docker
  • Perfil colaborativo para apoiar a equipe com questões técnicas;
  • Ser pró-ativo no aprendizado e na resolução de problemas.


Engenheiro de Software