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Since 1964, the Bosch Group’s largest shareholder has been the Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH, a charitable association that holds 94 percent of the company’s capital stock, enabling it to plan for the long term and make significant investments for the future. The Stiftung carries out our founder’s social and philanthropic initiatives in a contemporary manner. It is a foundation that seeks to achieve its goals through its own programs and institutions and by supporting third-party projects and initiatives focused on improving the quality of life in society. The remaining shares are held by a Bosch family company and the Robert Bosch GmbH. The majority of the voting rights are held by Robert Bosch Industrietreuhand KG, which performs shareholder functions.


“Diversity” is understood as involving aspects such as gender, age, disability, race/color, sexual orientation, gender identity, culture, nationality, place of birth, social class, educational background, physical condition, intellectual development, religion, lifestyles, experience, individuals’ histories, perspectives, knowledge, attitudes, skills, and many others that make each person unique.

It is worth pointing out that diversity does not concern only some segments of society, the so-called minorities, but is a characteristic of the entire human family. In the business context, it is related to the representativeness of different groups that make up society in the workforce.

More than just ensuring the expression of people’s singularities, the appreciation of diversity involves the permanent search for cooperation and for solutions that interest everyone, everywhere.


Fairness is the act of impartially recognizing the right of each person. Establishing a sense of fairness in which the treatment of or course of action toward a particular person is based on recognition of that person’s individual characteristics and specific needs. Ensuring that everyone has the same opportunities.



“Inclusion” is understood as the set of attitudes and daily practices that favor interaction among all people in a climate of respect, dialogue, and cooperation.

It is the valuing and insertion of populations that, for historical and social reasons, face barriers in society and in companies.

Diversity and inclusion are based on the organization’s identity, mission, and values, as well as on society’s laws, human rights regulations, and universal principles, guiding and setting limits for everyone’s conduct.

How do we work the DEI?

Bosch defines a global strategy whose goal is to ensure diversity and promote inclusion in all regions where it operates worldwide. This work is done through a network of local contacts whose responsibility is to contribute to build this concept and spread it to all members of their locations.

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