What motivates you to wake up every day to go to work?

Connecting 50 million people with +1000 international sites through payment methods

We love what we do. Ebanker is a mixture of entrepreneurial spirit, dedication and result orientation. We dream big because we have persistence and commitment to achieve our goals. And we seek knowledge to keep innovation constant.

Dream, work, celebrate & repeat

We have crazy ideas, we dream of going further, we seek the impossible and it is this desire to do what has never been done that motivates us, that makes us wake up every day. At EBANX we work hard, but celebrate all of our achievements and victories like no one else.

Our history in numbers


+70 millions
of users

+1000% TPV

+1300 ebankers

+15 countries
where we operate

Our culture, our values

Resumes, skills, technique. All of this matters a lot to us, but we look for people who share the same values ​​as us, who may not even know it yet, but carry #ebanxlife with them!

Big dream

We are not afraid to go after what seems impossible. We believe that limits and barriers were made to be broken.

Results oriented

Everything we do is based on the importance we attach to our results. We never start a task without a goal in mind.

Go beyond

Why solve one problem if we can solve several? As ebankers, we will always look for something bigger than what is already within reach.

Persistence and hard work

We can resolve it at first, or after ten attempts. It does not matter. Giving up is not an option.

You only get far, valuing what is close

We are a global company, but we were born in Curitiba and we know that the transformations we have created here are the first step towards much greater changes.

We promote cultural projects, create connections between young people and the technology market, encourage athletes, support the EBANX Regina Vogue Theater and sponsor the “Curitiba Festival”. We act as part of our community because we know that the impacts we cause here, generate results that go far beyond what we can see.

On our Social Returns page, you know more about EBANX projects and initiatives in the city.

EBANX open positions:




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Vagas de emprego abertas em Tecnologia, Engenharia de Software, Financeiro.

Application Security Analyst


About the opportunity:

We are looking for a Senior Cyber Security Analyst to be part of a high growth technology and payments company with a solid track record of delivering high value to our customers.
The Cyber Security team is responsible for all initiatives related to the technological aspect of information security. We are not here to deny the demands of the business areas, but to guide a safe path. We also follow the standards described in ISO27000 and PCI DSS.

You will be responsible for:

  • Perform Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST);
  • Perform application security testing on various types of applications such as Web, APIs, Mobile, etc., including support for infrastructure components;
  • Leverage application artifacts such as business requirements, user stories, design documents, architecture documents to understand the testing scope and create targeted security user stories or misuse cases;
  • Manage and execute security assessments for multiple projects simultaneously and ensure project timelines are met;
  • Identify opportunities for process improvements and automation;
  • Analyze source code to mitigate identified weaknesses and vulnerabilities within the system;
  • Control the corrections of the vulnerabilities found, making the interface with the areas involved and promoting the correction in the agreed times;
  • Have strong technical writing and presentation skills to report and articulate the vulnerability assessment results to any audience.

What is indispensable for the job?

  • Experience and working knowledge of security tools such as Burp Suite, Checkmarx, Veracode or Fortify;
  • Advanced proficiency with OWASP framework, NIST and CIS Controls;
  • Consistently demonstrates clear and concise written and verbal communication;
  • Proven influencing and relationship management skills;
  • Proven analytical skillsWhat is indispensable for the job;
  • Bachelor’s degree/University degree in computer science, computer engineer or any equivalent;
  • Certified Application Security Engineer – CASE/EC-Council preferred.

EBANX offers:


Application Security Analyst

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