What motivates you to wake up every day to go to work?

Vagas abertas em Curitiba e São Paulo

Connecting 50 million people with +1000 international sites through payment methods

We love what we do. Ebanker is a mixture of entrepreneurial spirit, dedication and result orientation. We dream big because we have persistence and commitment to achieve our goals. And we seek knowledge to keep innovation constant.

Dream, work, celebrate & repeat

We have crazy ideas, we dream of going further, we seek the impossible and it is this desire to do what has never been done that motivates us, that makes us wake up every day. At EBANX we work hard, but celebrate all of our achievements and victories like no one else.

Numbers that we are proud of:

+700 ebankers

15 nationalities

100 merchants

50 millions of users

Our culture, our values

Resumes, skills, technique. All of this matters a lot to us, but we look for people who share the same values ​​as us, who may not even know it yet, but carry #ebanxlife with them!

Big dream

We are not afraid to go after what seems impossible. We believe that limits and barriers were made to be broken.

Results oriented

Everything we do is based on the importance we attach to our results. We never start a task without a goal in mind.

Go beyond

Why solve one problem if we can solve several? As ebankers, we will always look for something bigger than what is already within reach.

Persistence and hard work

We can resolve it at first, or after ten attempts. It does not matter. Giving up is not an option.

You only get far, valuing what is close

We are a global company, but we were born in Curitiba and we know that the transformations we have created here are the first step towards much greater changes.

We promote cultural projects, create connections between young people and the technology market, encourage athletes, support the EBANX Regina Vogue Theater and sponsor the “Curitiba Festival”. We act as part of our community because we know that the impacts we cause here, generate results that go far beyond what we can see.

On our Social Returns page, you know more about EBANX projects and initiatives in the city.

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Assistente de RH da Intera

Vagas de emprego abertas em Tecnologia, Engenharia de Software, Financeiro.

Software Engineering Team Leader


As an EBANX leader you will be responsible for:

  • Managing a highly qualified and technical team;
  • Contribute and collaborate with the product areas and the development engineering team;
  • Have fun doing the management of technical teams and enabling the delivery of relevant products with global impact;
  • Create and send weekly reports on the progress of the team’s activities to stakeholders;
  • Doing thorough code-reviews and help your teammates with complex designs and architectural decisions;
  • Testing and following your code to production continuously;
  • Working on strategic projects for EBANX;
  • Evolving and deciding the future of our payments platform;
  • A system of high availability (+ 99.9%) and with high throughput (100+ TPS), written in PHP, and MySQL (yes, it is possible :smile:). Don’t know PHP? No problems, the important thing is to master the basics!
  • Mentoring and developing new talents.

What is indispensable for the job?

  • Proven experience of at least 5 years designing, implementing, and deploying software solutions to production;
  • Proven experience of at least 2 years leading a team of software engineers; 
  • Interest in subjects such as data structures, concurrency, persistence, and distributed systems;
  • Expertise in git or any other collaborative version control system;
  • A vision for software quality, the evolution of systems, decomposition of problems and abstractions;
  • A great ability to learn new practices, technologies, programming languages and absorbing engineering culture;
  • Advanced English (read, write and speak);
  • Knowledge in ISO8583;
  • Knowledge in clearing and settlement with credit card networks
  • Knowledge of credit card networks (ELO, Mastercard, Visa and AMEX).

What would we love to see?

  • Passion for software, you go to sleep and wake up thinking about how to make that part of the system more elegant or efficient;
  • Fluent English, we have customers from all around the world and it is commonplace for us to speak and write English when helping, supporting, and writing specifications with them;
  • Software development expertise in any complementary area to our core business, such as data warehouses, specialized development platforms, infrastructure automation, services provisioning, real-time systems, fault-tolerant systems, and mission-critical systems;
  • Experience with deploying to and monitoring a cloud infrastructure especially AWS.
  • Experience with computer networks, latency, package loss, routing optimization, monitoring, and problem-solving;
  • Full knowledge of SQL and relational databases;
  • Test-driven development: you don’t even remember how to code without a very extensive test coverage; You often write the tests first and then the code.
  • Expertise in at least one functional or logic programming language — besides SQL ;)
  • Comfortable with challenges of concurrency problems and has already worked in distributed and asynchronous systems;
  • Knowledge of data replication and conciliation.

EBANX offers:


Software Engineering Team Leader

Mobile Software Engineering Specialist


Besides conquering the world, your activities will be:

  • Share knowledge and mentor other team developers;
  • Participate in the definition of new product features;
  • Conduct architectural definition and technical clarification sessions, involving interested areas;
  • Contribute to the design and architecture of new or re-engineered software environments;
  • Lead root cause analysis initiatives for engineering incidents, overlooking the implementation of future prevention plans;
  • Create and optimize systems, modules, queries, components and libraries;
  • Create unit tests and integration tests;
  • Deploy and use tools that contribute to the software development cycle;
  • Work with other developers, recognizing the value of this;
  • Review code created by other developers, giving suggestions for improvement;
  • Take ownership of projects and make things happen.

What is indispensable for the job?

  • Profound experience as a mobile software developer;
  • Experience mentoring other developers;
  • Solid experience with TDD and pair-programming;
  • Experience in the development of native apps for both Android and iOS;
  • Experience in Kotlin and Swift;
  • Experience or keen interest in Flutter + Dart;
  • Passion about the quality of the software you help design and deliver;
  • Continuous Delivery mindset, focused on delivering business value and to the end user;
  • Communication skills to understand key customer requirements, collaborate on a project plan, and articulate solutions and tradeoffs;
  • Advanced English for reading and conversation.

What else we’d love to see?

  • Experience in the development of apps following a module based architecture;
  • Knowledge and experience developing backend services;
  • Agile;
  • Git guruness;
  • Good business acumen;
  • A DDD Practitioner;
  • Previous experience in the payments market;
  • A good Spanish. We are expanding rapidly across Latin America.

EBANX offers:


Mobile Software Engineering Specialist

Engineering Manager


The team:

You will work in a team of experienced developers and be responsible for maintaining a platform that processes millions of transactional requests every day. We cultivate an engineering culture that values and promotes sustainable quality, continuous delivery, high availability, quick feedback and meritocracy.

What is indispensable for the job?

  • Help build and support competent, agile teams
  • Recruit, coach and help the individuals achieve excellence
  • Work together with EBANX Leads and other Managers to make EBANX a great place to work
  • Take on various administrative tasks as necessary
  • Drive initiatives that improve processes and the work environment for developers
  • Contribute to building a thriving tech community
  • Support product area leadership in topics related to the talent in your team and projects
  • Skills to create thrills
  • Experienced leader with a passion for developing others
  • Technical background in software engineering
  • Good understanding of how to deliver software of great quality
  • Experience of working with performance management, including handling of performance problems
  • Great communication, coaching and feedback skills

What else we’d love to see?

  • FinTech and e-commerce Tech experience
  • Management experience from more than one company
  • Championing and implementing best software development practices and processes
  • Developer experience

EBANX offers:


Engineering Manager

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