About EVO:

We are the best and most complete management platform for fitness businesses: gyms, studios, crossfit and functional boxes, dance schools, fights, swimming. We are part of the largest player in this market in the United States, ABC Fitness, we are market leaders in Brazil and we are in full expansion in Latin America.

We don’t just offer a system, we are a platform. We are much more than technology and innovation: we are more than 120 people concerned with the business and with the lives of managers at every moment – even the worst.

We are specialists in helping our clients to impact more and more lives through physical activity, as we believe in it as a means of saving people. We will never measure efforts to help the fitness market. We are Technology with Soul.


It has always been common for W12 to rely on people who had experience with physical education and the fitness market before diving body and soul into a technology company. We have Fitness in our DNA, with several employees coming from the market and physical education, providing content and experience to better meet the needs and desires of gym managers.

To them are added professionals who came from different markets, as we cannot be trapped only in our “little world”!

Together, we are always on the lookout for best practices, trends, and we believe that this mix of experiences strengthens and enriches the product we deliver to our customers.


These two principles have always been present in the life and history of W12. An example that may seem banal is that EVO was the first fitness management software “in the cloud”. Nowadays everyone is like that, but in the beginning it was a paradigm shift to convince managers of this novelty…

As for the means of payment, EVO was also a pioneer in being the first software in our market to work with recurring debit on the credit card, which ended up radically changing the mindset of gyms, including with regard to the sale of plans and how to relate to students.

We are proud to have been the first to work with Content Marketing concepts, digital tools and to promote, today, the integration of these tools, which are great allies of managers.

Furthermore, EVO is always outdoing itself to launch new functionalities and tools that make the manager’s life easier – and which are soon copied by the competition, which we received as “a beautiful tribute”.

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