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Careers for Diversity


Diversity is about differences: Each of us is different, and at ZX Ventures we value and respect individual differences. ZX Ventures takes the widest possible view of diversity to include attributes such as age, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, language, ethnicity, nationality, family, caretaker, and marital status, religion and belief, social and economic background, veteran status, education, experience, disability and any other characteristics that make our colleagues unique.

Inclusion is about valuing these differences: Inclusion is the behaviors that recognize, understand and value differences, promote authenticity and provide a sense of belonging. Inclusion is also about leveraging differences to foster innovation and drive business growth.

Equity is about ensuring that everyone has access to the same opportunities: Equity recognizes that both privileges and barriers exist and, as a result, we all don’t start from the same place. At ZX Ventures we believe that it’s important to acknowledge unequal starting places as a first step towards to correcting the imbalance.


  1. People: Building a company that reflects the diversity of our consumers
  2. Workplace: Creating an inclusive environment where all people belong
  3. Marketplace: Setting the standard in Corporate Venture Capital by investing in founders, partners, and leaders that reflect today’s consumer landscape
  4. Communities: Ensuring our company has a long-term, positive impact in local communities

We empower entrepreneurs to unlock exponential growth.

We are here to invest ahead of the curve: seeding, launching, and scaling new products that deliver exceptional consumer experiences and bring (more) people together. We partner with devoted founders and best-in-class business builders and operators to help them grow their businesses.

We have a mandate from Anheuser-Busch InBev to nurture, support, and grow the products and services of tomorrow. We build, grow and invest in businesses across industries – from consumer products to technology and everything in between.

Our value proposition

We provide our portfolio companies with access to AB InBev’s vast network of subject matter experts, unparalleled supply chain capabilities, route-to-market expertise, marketing properties and partnerships to supercharge growth.

Global Footprint
Access AB InBev’s best-in-class global supply chains and production facilities

Marketing Assets
Tap into our marketing teams, design capabilities, and sponsorship deals

Vast Network
Build commercial relationships with teams across AB InBev’s 500+ brands

Huge Reach
Connect with our 6M+ points of sale around the world

We invest in companies across verticals and stages around the world.

We seed, launch, and scale new products that deliver exceptional consumer experiences and bring people together.

Some of our products:

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Assistente de RH da Intera

Vagas de emprego em Tecnologia, Desenvolvimento de Software, Back-End, Front-End.

Product Owner (DNVB)



Main responsabilities

The Product Owner will maximize the value of the products resulting from the work of the scrum team. The Product Owner is the sole person responsible and accountable for managing the product backlog. The Product Owner is focused on the ‘what’ delivered by the scrum team and will be the primary Interface with the customer and primary stakeholders vested in the products delivered by the scrum team. Digitally Native Vertical Brands, called DNVBs, are companies maniacally focused on customer experience, with strong value propositions and have been incredibly successful in serving the new customer needs.

As advantages, DNVBs are loved by the customers, have product gross margins of, at least, double that of a traditional e-commerce and contribution margins 4–5x higher. Because the DNVB model is based on such deep customer loyalty they can be more successful and assertive when launching new products in the market enabling a very attractive and constant innovation pipeline.

Purpose of the Job

Purpose of the job

  • Set and constantly refine strategy of DNVB project for each brand according to business objectives and stage
  • Work closely with the Scrum Master, scrum team, and external (to the scrum team)customers and stakeholders. Interface with internal and external stakeholders to build the project according to project stage for each brand.
  • The Product Owner will have a deep understanding of customer and stakeholder needs as to be delivered through the relevant products. This will be accomplished through multiple methods including market research, customer feedback analysis, ROI metrics, data analytics and others, according to project need to evolve.
  • The Product Owner will be involved in strategic planning, drafting of key objectives, and use of data to drive product definition at all levels of feature, epic, and story
  • Ensure that backlog items and stories are clearly expressed and guided by the Product Owner ‘definition of ready’ → constant interaction with venture’s team to understand priorities of each member and lead backlog update and management.
  • Shows what the scrum team will work on next (sprint planning agenda leadership)
  • The Product Owner will ensure that the scrum team understands items in the product backlog (stories) to the level needed with a clear ‘definition of done’
  • The Product Owner will ensure for every sprint that the sprint goal is clearly defined and understood by the scrum team including the Scrum Master
  • The Product Owner will be the single source for setting the priority of the product backlog with feedback from the scrum team and customer base. Any changes to priority must be approved by the Product Owner



Business Management

  • The Product Owner must be very decisive when assessing and making decisions related to backlog priority both at the overall product and sprint levels.
  • The ability to manage and influence agenda and decision making with top leadership
  • The ability to manage and influence stakeholders including rejecting or saying ‘No’ to additional workload or requests that can hinder scrum team productivity
  • Be an ambassador in agile execution within ABI. Coach teams regarding the importance of individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Possess a fundamental understanding of end-to-end customer experience integration and dependencies
  • Accountable for created products, delivering in the product model and communicating the product needs with business partners
  • Accountable for leading creative agenda of the product
  • Responsible for delivering KPI’s and OKR’s aligned with project leadership
  • Work with other Product Owners to increase the effectiveness of project learning curve
  • Team Management
  • Ensure that the scrum values of commitment, courage, focus, openness, and respect are embodied within the scrum team
  • Ensure that the scrum team, Scrum Master, and stakeholders have understanding of scrum pillars of transparency, inspection, and adaptation associated with an empirical process

Qualifications and Technical competencies required

Qualifications and Technical competencies required

Behavioral and Technical competencies

  • Effective communication techniques
  • Exceptional verbal, written, and interpersonal skills 
  • Leadership, influencing, and team building skills 
  • Continuous Improvement and Problem solving skills
  • Deep understanding of lean process, tools, and techniques
  • Certified scrum master and/or product owner preferred
  • Skill in analyzing complex issues to determine root causes and innovative solutions 
  • Demonstration of characteristics such as creativity and motivation
  • Ability to work successfully with the management team
  • Interact with individuals at all levels of the organization focused on delivering value fast
  • Business oriented mindset with the ability to set and maintain a departmental budget 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work with all levels of an organization focused on value creation, impediment & waste removal, and overall velocity increase 
  • Strategic and Innovative thinking
  • Demonstrated success delivering complex projects quickly using agile mindset 
  • Experienced in agile project, program, and portfolio management and execution 
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively coach Process Owners, Stakeholders, Project Managers,  Outstanding facilitation skills
  • Commanding executive presence and leadership skills; ability to hold attention, exude confidence and lead
  • Good knowledge of digital marketing, D2C business model and similar platforms
  • Deep understanding on full funnel strategy, O2O and ecommerce sales models

Application Forms:

Product Owner (DNVB)